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Since 2017, Suntan Miami has become the one stop for everything related to tanning. We are the only tanning salon that can offer all tanning techniques under the same roof.

UV Tan, Spray Tan, Brazilian Tan (the one with the tape bikini) or Self Tan Mousse, you name it, we got it.

Plus, we also offer wellness services like Teeth Whitening and Red Light Therapy. RLT is the latest trend into maintaining your skin healthy, young and fresh by using latest light technology.

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Passion for tanning

Tanning is a vital tool when facing professional lights of television recording sets, as it highlight perfect, shiny skin and conceal any imperfections on the skin, making this aspect easier for television production.

All these services are available at any of our locations. Come and visit us to see why many celebrities choose Suntan Miami.

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