What is brazilian tanning in Sun Tan Miami?

There's a new way to get those perfectly delineated tan lines that are all the rage in Rio, and it doesn't involve putting a toe on a beach.

Sun Tan Miami is the most popular beauty house using

They make an appointment and get ready to be cover by a custom made tape bikini, a beta carotene juice (with no sugar) is provided to stimulate your melanin and then a couple brazilian activators and bronzers are applied just before getting into the UV machine to create the perfect combination. After just 9 minutes a refreshing gel and shimmering oil will finish your session giving you that goddess brazilian look.

While many women crave all-body tans with no bathing suit marks at all, in Miami it's all about the lines.

The goal is to get clearly-defined tan lines, explains Daniela Martin, proprietor of Sun Tan Miami. "They choose a bikini style, and we do the taping in that fashion," she says.

"I like the way the tan lines come out, it looks good for my job," explains 28-year-old Elyssa Castro. "And on the beach, in a bikini, it doesn't always come out that well. Here, on the other hand, it comes out perfect. "

"When you're on the beach the bikini is always moving and the lines don't come out well," says Carolina Paez, another client of Sun Tan Miami.